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BMF and SonoScape build strategic partnership in endoscopy


BMF and SonoScape build strategic partnership in endoscopy

Since its establishment, BMF Material has always been world-leading with its self-developed complex micro/nano 3D printing technology, a disruptive technology that attracts wide attention from renowned Chinese and overseas companies, universities and research institutions. Continuous breakthroughs enables BMF’s technology and products to be widely applied in ultra-precision processing and advanced manufacturing. Recently, SonoScape in Shenzhen established a strategic partnership with BMF. SonoScape is the most advanced Chinese company in endoscopy, who focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of medical equipment; three major product lines include ultra-sonic diagnostic systems, endoscopy and in-vitro diagnostics. SonoScape has been an important Chinese contributor to the development of global medical equipment industry.

In the field of precision medical endoscope manufacturing, structure of endoscopes tends to be miniaturized in size, with lens diameter smaller than 1mm, hard to be fabricated by traditional manufacturing. Complex fine structural designs lead to high R&D and processing cost using traditional processes, as well as many challenges that are difficult to solve during production. BMF’s advanced micro/nano 3D printing technology can overcome these processing barriers, and make one-shot production of complex parts a reality. For instance, BMF’s 3D printing equipment is able to fabricate hundreds of 1mm-diameter lenses within 1 hour- hundreds of thousands a year- enough to meet the quantity demand of endoscope manufacturers. In addition, within one production batch, every part can be customized, regardless of the total quantity. Such capacity can meet quantity requirements of industrial clients for small precision parts.

With its disruptive technological advantages, BMF has many business exchanges with endoscopy manufacturers worldwide, including Karl Storz, a globally renowned endoscope manufacturer. The strategic partnership between BMF and SonoScape is built upon principles of long-term cooperation, equality and mutual benefit, common development and win-win results, and aims to develop high quality, high resolution precision manufacturing technology, and further promote the development of 3D printing technology and its applications.

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