BMF is to hold a high-end forum on 3D printing


The 2016 International Forum on Trends in Advanced Manufacturing and Ultralight Micro/Nano Composite Materials will be held on November 20 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the host, BMF Material aims to provide a high-end platform for the exchange of ideas on micro/nano-scale 3D printing, micro/nano advanced manufacturing and ultra-light composite materials. About ten international and Chinese Academician scientists, including Academician Xiang Zhang, Prof. Martin Dunn, have been invited to give speeches on the world’s cutting-edge technologies of advanced nano manufacturing and ultra-light composite materials, and to have panel talks on the industrialization of micro/nano composite materials. Senior managers from HP Group, CRRC, SAIC Motor, COMAC and many other Fortune 500 companies will also attend the forum as representatives of industries.


Microscale 3-D Printing and Nano-Architecture have been recognized by MIT Technology Review as 10 Breakthrough Technologies respectively in 2014 and 2015.


Micro/nano functional composite materials (complex 3D micro/nano structures) are greatly demanded in micro/nano mechanical system, biomedicine, tissue engineering, new materials, new energy, high definition display, microfluidic components, micro/nano optics, micro/nano sensors, micro/nano electronics, bio chips, photonics, and printed electronics. Micro/nano-scale 3D printing (micro/nanostructural additive manufacturing) is one of the most cutting-edge advanced manufacturing areas in the world. It has prominent potential and advantages in terms of complex 3D micro/nano structures, high aspect ratio micro/nano structures and composite material 3D micro/nano structures.


With micro/nano-scale 3D printing technology, researchers of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and MIT have developed a new ultralight, ultrastiff metamaterials, which can bear the load 160 thousand times of its own, and has a stiffness 10 thousand times higher than aerogel material of the same weight and density level.