BMF invited to the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Green Pine Capital Partners


The 2017 Spring Forum and 10th Anniversary Celebration of Green Pine Capital Partners was held in Shenzhen, a city full of innovation, on April 6, 2017. Xiaoning He, CEO of BMF Material Technology Inc., was invited as a keynote speaker to deliver a speech on “When Scientists Meet Entrepreneurs: Backbone of Progress in China’s Basic Industry” to guests from finance, venture capital, scientific research and many other fields. The speech shares the idea of collaborating scientists and entrepreneurs in today’s Chinese business environment.

Nearly 500 guests attended to celebrate the event


The forum and the celebration began with the heart-felt welcoming remarks and keynote speech by Wei Li, co-founder of Green Pine Capital Partners. Speeches were also given by Professor Shouren Wang, Executive Vice President of Shenzhen Venture Capital Association and Yucai Jiang, Vice President of Shenzhen Capital Group. Fei Luo, co- founder of Green Pine Capital Partners gave an appreciation speech.


In his speech “Invest in China: Confidence Prevails Gold”, Wei Li said, “Modern economy is market economy, as well as the economy of confidence. Confidence is more important than gold when facing economic structural reform and industrial upgrade. It is the basis of long-term value investment, and the motivation for proactive innovation and startups. Lack of confidence may lead to excessive short-term decisions, and low self-worth may doom the company to fall. We must have rock-hard confidence in the key transition period. ”


During the forum, many guests made marvelous keynote speeches on various business fields, including Qiren Zhou, a renowned Chinese economist and professor of National School of Developement at Peking University; Shiyi Chen, President of South University of Science and Technology of China; Ke Liu, Chair Professor and the Dean of Clean Energy Institute at South University of Science and Technology of China, foreign fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering ; Xiaoning He, CEO of BMF Material Technology Inc.; Feihu Long, General manager of Merger& Acquisition Division of Investment Banking Department at Guosen Securities; and Feng Lin, Chairman of the Board at Best Unimed Medical Group.

Xiaoning He, CEO of BMF Material, is delivering the speech

As one of the companies strongly supported by Green Pine Capital Partners, BMF Material Technology Inc. has always been dedicated to innovative scientific research and development, and has gradually developed from the scientist-led high-tech industry a new scientist-centric business model run by entrepreneurs.


During the ceremony, CEO Xiaoning He made a keynote speech entitled “When Scientists Meet Entrepreneurs: Backbone of Progress in China’s Basic Industry”, exploring the collaboration of scientists and entrepreneurs in today’s Chinese business environment.

Talking from Toray in carbon fiber, Olympus in endoscope to GE Aviation in 3D printing, Xiaoning He always believes that advanced manufacturing is embedded in accumulation of experience, innovation, time and capital, and can never be achieved overnight.


Although China has become a powerhouse for traditional manufacturing and the Internet industry, it is still backward in basic areas. The domestically developed and manufactured passenger plane C919 also deploys LEAP-1C engine by CFM International, a joint venture between GE Aviation and Safran of France.


In the future, China will make the transition from a traditional manufacturing country to an advanced manufacturing country, and platform-type technology and basic material science are two important symbols of such development. Mr. He said that core innovative technologies derive from innovative people, who cannot be bought with a price.

He Xiaoning also said that the 1970s’ generation was born in the lack of physical materials, and strived for scholarship to study abroad. Now this generation is in their prime age, with years’ of working experience domestically and abroad, and coming back to their motherland for their own business has become a shared aspiration. Nicholas X. Fang, co- founder of BMF Material is one of the representatives.

He introduced BMF’s development in micro/nano-scale 3D printing technology, equipment manufacturing, and nanostructural composite materials by presenting the product features and research results.

He also shared the secret of cooperating as an entrepreneur with Nicholas X. Fang, tenured professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US. He believes that only when the collaboration of entrepreneurs, scientists, and outstanding capital partners is achieved as an interrelated mechanism, can a company become stronger rapidly and effectively.


At present, challenges faced by BMF Material are management of the new-type team, getting used to Chinese culture, as well as high risks of cutting-edge technologies and long investment cycle of the basic industry. As a high-end manufacturing start-up, BMF Material will continue to embrace the entrepreneurship spirits of perseverance and courage, and march on the road of innovation and intelligence. We believe that in the near future, China will have its own high-end manufacturing brand.


BMF Material would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Green Pine Capital Partners and MIA Capital Partners for years’ of support, thank the BMF teams for constant contribution, and thank all friends that have helped BMF with its development. Wish all the success in advance for the 20th Anniversary of Green Pine Capital Partners.

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